Pace of Play & Local Rules

Players are expected to keep pace with the groups ahead. Black Mountain encourages “Ready Golf” or “Hit When Ready” play.

SLOW PLAY 3 Strike Policy
Strike 1 – Asked to pick up the pace
Strike 2 – Asked to pick up ball and catch up
Strike 3 – Asked to leave course

Rules of Play
RCGA rules govern play except where modified by local rules.

Out of Bounds
Defined by white stakes

Ground Under Repair
Includes material piled for removal, new mounding or disturbed areas under the care of the superintendent – even if not marked. Relief is granted to the player. (Rule 25)

Golfers are expected to respect our magnificent surroundings, as we do.

Environmentally Sensitive Areas New Development Areas
Are defined as native or natural areas that contain fescue, sage, non-irrigated grasses, canyons and any undisturbed terrain that supports native wildlife in addition to fencing or other formal barriers. Players must obey all signage or notices. For your safety, ball retrieval is not endorsed. Please play under lateral hazard procedure. (Rule 26)


Lateral Water Hazards
Defined by red stakes

Facility Dress Code
Golf attire must be worn at all times. Men must have a collared shirt with tailored slacks or shorts. Ladies must have a shirt with either sleeves or a collar and tailored bottoms. Beach and gym wear are not permitted. Metal spikes are not permitted.

Golf Carts
Must be kept 30 yards from greens and remain on cart paths at all times. “Green means Go” (fairway/maintained rough) and “Brown means No” (natural areas, fescue, safe and non-maintained desert areas)

Must be purchased from Black Mountain. Outside alcohol is not legally permitted.

Golfer’s Conduct
Players must repair ball marks, repair divots using divot mix, and rake bunkers. Be courteous to other golfers, and leave the course in the same condition you enjoyed.

‘Great course (favourite in Kelowna). Not easy but not a tough course.’

Brian Rutledge